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Local 195 has been representing workers since 1936, has over 50 units and isĀ 4,000 members strong.

Unifor Local 195 has developed a strong voice in Windsor-Essex County, as representatives of working men and women in their workplaces. Our strength is built upon our membership and in-plant representatives. Every time we call upon our membership to step up to one of the challenges facing our Local, they respond!

That response is always swift and in the best interest of our members. We have in the last year, enjoyed substantial growth to our Local and enormous success at the bargaining table. We have, and our proud of the good relationships we enjoy with most of our workplaces. We recognize there is still work to be done and are confident that our Local and its members will be successful.

  • We will continue to forge ahead to be a positive influence in our community.
  • We are determined to help build a better society.
  • We will not turn away from those in need.

Together, armed with the strength of our convictions, the solidarity of our Local and the righteousness of our cause, we shall overcome those that would hold us back and we will make a better place for our families.